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[sticky post] Welcome to My Madness (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Hi there! Thanks for coming to my blog. Odds are you came here at the behest of some fanfic reccomendation. Maybe you've already read one of my stories and you clicked on my user ID to find out who the hell I was. Well, this is where you find out.

My name is Penni. Not really, but for our purposes we'll go with that. I write. That's pretty much all you need to know going into this. I write fanfiction and short stories. I have no published work beyond what you see here, though I am hoping to break into published authorship someday. Until then, I write, and I put what I write up here for you to read.

Below, you'll find all of my work to date, organized by story type and category. I hope you find everything all right, and I hope there's something here for you to enjoy.




Teen Wolf:

  Lias Stories
  PK Stories


The Empress
The Moon
The Sun
The World
The Wheel of Fortune
The Star
The Devil
The High Priestess


By e-mail at penninink@gmail.com

On Tumblr at pennin-ink

On Twitter as pennin_ink

On Facebook as Ellie Scrivere (ha! And you thought there was a pattern! Just please include a message with any friend requests so I know you're not a bot or just fishing for Farmville friends. Is Farmville still a thing?)

On Skype as Pennin Ink (penninink)

Basically, if you want to chat, you can find me.

A/N: This post is currently under construction. Please continue to use the existing masterpost until I have finished fishing for, linking, and categorizing my MOUNTAIN of projects. Ganesh help me.

Fiction Masterlist

This LJ exists soully to hold my writing, both fanfiction and original work. Basically, I need someplace to keep my stuff. Take a look if you're interested.

Below you'll find summaries to my stories as well as links to each individual entry. Anonymous commenting is permitted on all posts unless stated otherwise.


The Body Farm (WIP on hiatus awaiting re-write): Wherein Sherlock and John go to America to play with the corpses. Fish out of Water story, Casefic, and Epic Bromance with a side of Angst and some Comedy for pudding. Graphic depictions of Decomposed Human Remains.

One: The Last Straw,   Two: Destination: Knoxville,   Three: Farewell, Brittania!,   Four: Café Americana,

We Were Never Forever(WIP on hiatus awaiting rewrite): Wherein Mycroft's meddling sends Sherlock and John to New York City and forces Sherlock to work with his ex-boyfriend, former con artist Neal Caffrey, in order to take down an international smuggling ring. Non-graphic Sexual Content and Drug Use.

Chapter One,   Chapter Two,   Chapter Three,   Chapter Four,   Chapter Five,   Chapter Six,  Chapter Seven,

Bound in Gold(Complete, awaiting rewrite): A prompt fill for the Kink Meme wherein Sherlock and John are engaged for an arranged marriage, and they don't meet until their wedding day. Encompasses A Study in Pink, sequels planned. Sexual Content. 

Master Post

Chinese translation now in progress from fanyuch

Saviour: A fluffy little one-shot about Sherlock's relationship with Mrs Hudson. The second I saw him kiss her cheek in the front hall, I needed to know why. This is what I came up with.


Part One: Till Now I Never Knew (Complete): A prompt fill fusing Sherlock with The Swan Princess. Sherlock and John grow up together, gradually falling in love in spite of themselves.

Prologue,  The First Summer,  The Third Summer,   The Sixth Summer,   The Ninth Summer,   The Thirteenth Summer

Part Two: Interlude (Complete): John and Sherlock correspond during John's two-year tour of duty and find the strength to admit how they feel.

Letters,   Phone Calls Coming Home

Part Three: Find a Way to You (COMPLETE): Sherlock struggles to free himself from Moriarty's prison as John devotes every waking moment to finding the man he loves.

Chapter One,  Chapter Two,  Chapter Three,   Chapter Four,   Chapter Five,  Chapter Six,  Chapter Seven,  Chapter Eight,  Chapter Nine,  Chapter Ten,  Chapter Eleven,  Chapter Twelve,  Chapter Thirteen,  Chapter Fourteen,  Chapter Fifteen,   Chapter Sixteen,   Chapter Seventeen,   Chapter Eighteen,   Chapter Nineteen,   Chapter Twenty,   Chapter Twenty-One,   Epilogue


Selfish (Complete): Short Introspective. Feminism and self-determination.

Domestic (Complete): Fluffy little domestic scene.

Solitaire (Complete): Introspective art-piece with an unreliable narrator, also one of my best efforts.

Very well then.

I know I've been inactive for AGES. (Seriously how do you guys put up with me?) But I come back and not only has LJ changed, it has somehow made it eve harder  to copy and paste from another window.

And they STILL haven't fixed the formatting error for the RTE in Chrome. Fan-flipping-tastic.

Ugh. Archive of Our Own is a LOT more user-friendly. If I shipped all of my fics over there, would you lot follow me? Because I can write and post a fic to AO3 in about an hour, with the actual posting taking up all of ten minutes start to finish, and absolutely NO fiddling about with html.

'cause if I can just link to my stories on AO3 rather than posting them here, it'd make my life a lot easier and I'd be a lot more inclined to do more without the looming threat of wrestling with LJ's interface holding me back.


Two new fics posted today, transplanted from my AO3, both in the Teen Wolf fandom. Also new Teen Wolf section is live!

Also work continues apace with Bound in Gold. I feel like you guys are languishing here without updates, but Pip is right. It's better to write the whole thin before  posting.

But seriously, if you guys are okay with it, I'd like to just start posting summaries with links back to A03 instead of posting the actual stories here. It's just way too much headache to wrangle this interface and I am not a coder.

ETA: And it keeps getting better. Any kind of text alteration, italics, bold, whathaveyou, is now monumentally fucked. Not only does it automatically move any un-italicized etc. words typed after the italics to the next line, but now I have to press space bar twice after an italicized word to keep it from erasing the last letter.

Thanks LJ. Way to fuck up an already broken interface.

I want OFF this site.
Story Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Isaac Lahey, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Scott McCall
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Body horror, mild gore
Summary: Part of being an alpha is learning to shift into a more pure wolf form. Derek has just reached this point, and only Isaac is there to see it.

Lest We DrownCollapse )

Fic: Complicit

Story Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Derek Hale, Peter Hale
Pairing(s): None
Warnings: Coersion, emotional manipulation, phsyical abuse, emotional abuse, victim blaming, post trauamatic stress, canonical character death.
Summary: A glimpse at Derek between trying to fight Peter in the hospital and joining him at the beginning of “Co-Captain”. A look into the kind of interaction he had with Peter and why he decided to follow Peter's lead.

ComplicitCollapse )

FANFICTION: Teen Wolf Complete Stories

Complicit (T) - Tag to episode 1X09 - "Wolf's Bane". A moment between Derek and Peter after the hospital, exploring the mentality Derek was in when he agreed to join Peter's pack. --Issues of abuse, emotional, mental, and physical, nongraphic.

Lest We Drown (T) - With Derek on the verge of achieving his full alpha form, Isaac finds himself trying to cope with his precarious new position in the weakened pack while simultaneously struggling to understand Derek as a person as well as an alpha. -- Character study: Isaac Lahey

For You, If No One Else (T) - Stiles and Scott are best friends, soul mates even. They share everything with each other. So the night Stiles loses his virginity, there's really only one person in the world he'd want to talk to about it. --Sterek.

For Sale: One Derek Hale. Used.(T)  - In the aftermath of the confrontation with Gerard, Derek hides himself away to cope with the latest batch of traumas life has dumped on him. He wants nothing more than to be left alone to lick his wounds, but for all he's been through, there's still one last good bye to be said. --A farewell to Jackson.

We're Only Children, Still (T)

As I Lay Dying (M)


Okay, so moving just about killed me and I've been in a post-relocation stupor for the last couple of weeks but now! Oh, now there's work to be done! I've just ordered a desk off of amazon and once I get a chair I'll have a proper work space* to do this on.

I have NEWS:


Pip and I have been floundering trying to get together which, combined with moving-ness has brought the BiG rewrite to a standstill, hopefully I can motivate myself to get it running again. If I fail, you are all invited to hurl eggs at my inbox until I get my ass in gear.


I actually do have a draft of Death written, but it's...awful. It needs rewriting which I am a HORRIBLE procrastinator about and always have been. See above recarding eggy projectiles.


I saw a marriage equality photoset on Tumblr which gave me a bit of a plot bug. A freeform short story about a woman seeing her bride on their wedding day. I think, though I may be wrong, that this will be my first explicitly lesbian story**, which is nice. I love breaking new ground. 


People, I have been mainlining Teen Wolf like you wouldn't BELIEVE. I have an entirely unhealthy obsession with Derek Hale. There are currently four one-shots on my AO3, which shall be transferred to good ol' LJ presently.

Sorry for the long-term radio silence, my lovelies, I'm glad to be back.

PS: I'm getting a lot of spam in my inbox lately. I'm talking five or six per day, and it's really really annoying. I don't want to turn off anon comments because I live for my nonnies, but something's got to be done. Does anybody have any suggestions?

*Do NOT use your bed as a workspace, kiddies, it is the murderer of productivity with its siren summons to sleep. Ooh, alliteration!

**I say "explicitly" not because there will be sexytimes. There probably won't. But because in a lot of my stuff, particularly PT, I like to leave the genders ambiguous. The Devil, for instance, could be between two guys, two women, one of each, one of either and one of neither, whatever you like. I do that because I like to write something entirely accessible, something where my reader can see through the protagonist's eyes as though they were their own, regardless of who they are and how they identify. Sometimes I can't do that, but it's always fun when the opportunity presents itself.

You've been in the dark long enough.

It's weird. I've known about this move for weeks. But now things are happening in me, weird things. Ever since I packed up the majority of my stuff. 

Anyway, here's an update:

I've written two Teen Wolf fics, you can find them on my AO3 if you're interested. I seem to have a thing for Derek stories, but oddly enough my favorite POV was Isaac's. I'll transfer them here once I've got the ambition to wrestle with the RTE and add another section to my masterlist. Again, whilst wrestling with the RTE. 

Death is still at a standstill, since writing a one-shot for a TV show about which I'm currently ga ga, and writing an original short story for a compilation I have pipedreams about actually publishing or selling to someone* are two entirely different things. But I anticipate a boost on that soon given four things.

1: Halloween. Specifically, the first Halloween in years in which I, thanks to my three-year-old nephew, actually get to participate. I love Halloween. 

2: Dia de Muertos. It's my favorite holdiay in the world ever, and I'm tickled pink about making calaca cake pops to bring in to my coworkers. The only thing that would make it better would be if I could jaunt down to Mexico and pig out on sugar skulls with ungalad. We fully intend to make that happen one of these years. Presumably at the same time that I sit her down for an intro-to-Buffy marathon because it's just not right, Lupe! It's just not right!

3: Caitlin Doughty. I want to go to LA and be her best friend and we can drink vanilla chais at hole-in-the-wall coffe houses and go on celebrity death tours and have picnics in cemetaries...she's just a really awesome person, okay? 

4: Pushing Daisies. I just found out it's on Amazon Watch Instantly for FREE with Prime, which I have. It's just a show that gets death, you know? And it's fun and bright and witty and wonderful and I LOVE IT SO MU-U-UCH!

So, yeah. I've got death on the brain and it's made me one happy camper, I can tell you. And I didn't even have to re-read Reaper Man...not that I'm reluctant, it's a great book, but it's packed away with all of my other Pratchett's ready to be moved to the new house.

Moving on. And moving in general. I don't know what it is, but things are shifting for me. Like, just now in the bathroom, I looked down at the sink, which I hardly notice for the most part, it's just that thing that catches toothpaste-spit, and I got the strangest feeling of disconnect. Like, I knew with rock-solid certainty that this was not my sink. It was somebody else's sink, and I was using somebody else's bathroom. Which was weird because it's still my bathroom until November 1st. 

Beyond that, I've been in the mood to bake. Like, a lot. And today while I was watching my nephew, I spent most of my time cleaning. Usually I'm incurably lazy and never lift a finger and thereby drive my mother into apoplectic fits. But today I was all about washing the dishes and straightening out the couch and clearing up the counters. You know, like a grown-up.

Also I want to take up knitting, but that's all because of Emerson Cod, not because I'm moving. Also, does anyone else ship Emerson/Olive like whoa? 'Cause they're veering toward OTP territory for me, and I try to avoid OTPs because they seem to make people nutso. 

Anyway, that's all. Oh! And I watched Little Shop of Horrors again recently! I was floored to realize the Ellen Greene was both Audry and Aunt Vivian from Pushing Daisies! Like, how did I not realize that before? Also, woman has PIPES. But it's the Greek Chorus girls who keep getting stuck in my head. Crystal, Ronette, and Chifon. They're just infectious. 

You better/I'm tellin' you you better/Tell your mama/Something's gonna get her/You better/Don't you know you better BEWAAAAAAAARE!

I love that movie...

Oh, and I bought Hocus Pocus on DVD. If you want to know where my abiding love for the vocal talents of Jason Marsden originated, there's your answer. 

*publishers run in terror from short story compilations, according to Neil Gaiman, and if HE has hoops to jump through to get Smoke and Mirrors or Fragile Things to sell, I don't hold out much hope for my chances.

As I could not stop for Death

...I have an announcement.

1: Writing Death is still a priority, it's just not the first one because,

2: I'm moving.

Like, legitimately, out of my parents' house, starting my own life on my own, moving. And that's...that's kind of the priority right now. Because I'm moving.

Just as soon as I'm done having this panic attack.

Aw Yeah!

Guys guys guysguysguysguys!

Guess what the new Project Tarot card is?


Oh I could just dance! I love this guy!

Also, look! White horse! Oh you know that's totally Binky. How much you wanna bet there's a sealed bottle of curry in his saddlebags? I don't know what I'm gonna write yet, but I am so stokes to be writhing Death. Yaaaaaay, Death!

Oh, right, accepted meanings.
  Upright - Acceptance of change to make way for rebirth, letting go, moving on.
  Reversed - Stubborn person is stubborn, relationships ending, accidents